Welcome to Lingua Nordica!

We translate Swedish, Danish, Norwegian and German into English


Accurate translation requires accurate terminology. But translation goes beyond terminology and rules of grammar to questions of style. The best translators work into their native tongues. The feel that a native speaker has for the language, and the day to day contact with that language ensures that a translation can be idiomatic, ,accurate and best communicate what you want to say. Good communication is essential, not only through the translation, but with the client. Communicating means managing expectations - delivering as promised, maintaining the formatting of the original and asking questions if there is a lack of clarity. All correspondence and documents are kept confidential.


Technical, Engineering, IT, Medical, Maritime, Insurance, Contracts and Proposals, Railways, Construction, History

About Me

I live in Chicago, near the University of Chicago. There is top flight research, strong cultural institutions and a beautiful lake. I lived in Lund and Uppsala, in Sweden. I studied at Yale University and University of Chicago. After a time selling rare books and maps, I founded a used computer business. This led to 12 years of intimate involvement with business, customers, rental agreements, pricing, inventory, service and support, operating systems, applications and networks. My avocations are singing, sailing and distance running - my first professional singing gig was at the Cathedral choir in Lund.


Please contact me with information about your project, and I'll reply with a price and a delivery schedule. All information is kept confidential. Thank you for your interest.